Monday, March 29, 2010

Onward Christian Soldiers...

The New York Times Today...

Members of a Christian militia were indicted on sedition and weapons charges in connection with an alleged plot to murder law enforcement officers.

Now let me get this straight...Christians plotting to commit murder...

Hmmm...let's review...the SIXTH COMMANDMENT is...

Class...? Come now know it...think!


Now...CHRISTIAN Militiapeople (political correctness you know...) You will stay after class and write on the board 1,000,000,000 times:

"Thou shall not murder"


And that brings up another point in this Passover/Easter season.

If Jesus was a Jew and all of his followers were Jews doesn't that make Christianity simply a sect of Judaism and, by extension, all Christians, therefore, Jews?

And if that's so, then what's all the fuss least between the Christians and the Jews? The that's another story for another day...

And why do the Christians hate the Jews when they idolize a Jew? That's like people hating black people when they idolize Michael Jordan and Lawrence Taylor.


"Why is this night different from all other nights?"

Because tonight we have some God Fearing/Loving Christians in jail accused of sedition and conspiring to murder some police officers...don't forget the sedition part.

Oh before I forget...why aren't they charged with terrorism? Where's Alberto Gonzales when you need him?

Masquerading as the Easter Bunny no doubt.

Leave the head on the chocolate the feet the head...put it in the it in the summer...when you take out your frozen snowball to throw at the neighbor's howling dog!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can Yogi Cure Rabies?

Unbelievable...truly amazing.

The loud voices on the extreme rabid Right have no idea what they're doing. Sure, the punditry understands that their rhetoric drives ratings which translate into ad revenue and money and contract extensions and the influence of power.

But aside from all of that obvious stuff the Right has no earthly clue about the dam that is about to burst.

This country has produced some pretty hefty thinkers and leaders. Jefferson, Lincoln, Darrow, the Roosevelts, Buckley, Nixon, Clinton...and now Obama. But it seems as though the loyal opposition is only oppositional and no longer loyal.

No longer loyal to the idea of rational thought and constructive criticism and debate.

The mere fact that the formerly respectable John McCain would suggest that cooperation is out of the legislative question and people are actually taking Palin and Hannity and Beck and Limbaugh seriously is a testament to the fact that we are completely off the rails.

Anger and frustration is rampant in the Heartland. People are pissed off and with very good reason.

Two wars without any idea of an end. Corruption on Wall Street and in the government. Unconscienable abuse in the health care system. Overwhelming unemployment. An ineffectual educational system and dangerous infrastructure.

Special interests run everything in Washington and the little guy has no say, ergo, no power to influence legislation that might effect his life.

So the noise coming from the Right is incendiary. Advocacy of violence and the demonization of intellectual analysis has left the country on the verge of a complete breakdown.

So we can choose to listen to the crackpots on the Right...all of them from Cantor to Boehner to McCain to Rove to Beck.

Or we can really take our country back. We can reject the insanity of the Right in favor of a calm and measured and shared approach to the solving of our problems.

Or we can just repeat history and end up as the Romans did. Overstuffed and sound asleep as the Barbarians overtake us.

But this time the Barbarians will be us. The Body Politic is so angry no telling what they'll do if they take Sarah Palin's suggestion to "reload" to heart.

Bar the doors and hide the children.

It's Armageeeeedon all over again!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Employment Insurance


So now Rep. Dennis Kucinich is voting yes on the Health Care bill.

Was it because of some moral epiphany?

Or was it because President Obama excoriated him in a speech in his district using a suffering cancer patient to drive home his point?

Hmmmmm...let's see.

"Retain my seat in Congress. Vote my conscience.

Gee...I don't want to be unemployed like so many others in my constituency.

I don't want to lose my free health care, either.

Retain my seat in Congress.

Yeah, that's the ticket."

Yeah, right...

The problem is not that we have lost faith in our "leaders."

The problem is that we don't have any!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Miss You Dad

Keith Olbermann's father died Saturday.

Mine did 1977.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him. I would give up everything I own to spend one more day with him.

My Dad was a smart, funny, handsome Man's Man. And I've never known anyone as honest.

Born in 1905, he worked hard but never had a life of consistent ease, except when he was young in Washington, D.C. He was a rich man's son and the grandson of a famous man.

He went to an Ivy League college and could have been a professional golfer (hitting in the low 70s with hickory clubs and dead balls) but his father wouldn't allow it.

He had one failed marriage but had my wonderful half sister. His second marriage, to my mother, was full of emotion, not always good. He lost my sister when she was only 6 and I was a handful, as was my mother back then.

But my Dad was always full of love and good humor and taught me the most important thing of be honorable.

Now that I am a father I see him through experienced eyes. He led by example, both what to do but, almost more importantly, what not to do.

I have tried to live my life as a reflection of both of his parts. I have tried to do what he did that was right and just and good. And I have avoided those things that came from fear and self doubt.

I have not always been successful but, just like my Dad, I've tried.

I loved my Dad. I love him still. He was a wonderful man and a good friend.

I miss my Dad. I always will.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Washington continues to demonstrate that it is totally out of touch with the needs of the American people. Every day we hear something else about the dysfunction in Congress and the polarization of our political process.

Not to mention scandal after scandal...on both sides of the aisle. Senator Ensign, Governor Patterson, Congressman Massa. The list seems endless.

How about a solution, you ask?

Well, try this one on...

Term limits.

I know, I's been brought up before but to no avail. No wonder. It's like asking the fox to guard the chicken coop. The powers that be don't want to give up their positions and perks and the vasts amount of money that they make after they retire and become lobbyists.

What I mean is a different sort of term limits. Self imposed term limits. The kind that the candidate puts on himself. What we need is a new class of politicians who are willing to only sit for one term...because they want to...not because it was imposed upon them.

They vow, during their campaign, to serve only one term in their seat...The White House, The Senate, The House of Representatives, The Governor's Mansion, City Hall. Wherever. They sign a contract with their constituents. Really. With consequences. Monetary consequences.

One term.

This way they will not be beholden to the leadership in any branch of government. They will just be able to either vote the way their districts want them to or...wonder of wonders...their conscience.

Conscience. There's an anachronism for you. What politician have you heard of recently who has one? Not very many, if any at all.

And while they are at it they will vow to only take small money donations. No big money contributions. No PACs. Just $5 and $10 from little contributors.

That way the stranglehold of corporate and wealthy individual campaign donors might be loosened.

One term. Small money.

Maybe that way we'll get our government back.

After all, the philosophy of our system works. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the separation of powers and state's rights.

All of it was beautifully designed and has been systematically dismantled by people of questionable ethics and marginal morality.

"One term. Small money" Can't you just see the bumper sticker?

The question is...who's got the nerve (or the true passion for this country...not lapel pin BS) to go first?

Candidacy anyone...?