Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hot Dog!!

I am breaking my self imposed "lack of things to say" with the following missive:

"You go for it Boy!!"

I am, of course, referring to Anthony Weiner's announcement that he is running for Mayor of New York City.

Why not I ask you?  Why the hell not?!

Look, if Martha Stewart and O.J. Simpson and Oliver North can have thriving, post scandal, careers than why can't a guy, who has never been convicted of anything (except in the hypocritical "Court of Public Opinion"), try his hand at a second chance...a comeback.

Richard Nixon did it.  So has Mark Sanford.

Is it because Weiner is Jewish?  That's a familiar card that some have already played.

Is it his last name?  Maybe...especially since it is pronounced like the "hot dog" not the "complainer", which would only be slightly better after all.

Let's give His Honor a break why don't we.  Let's judge him on his background and ability, both of which are strong.

He was a good congressman and would be a capable mayor.

I met him once on assignment for NBC News.  I interviewed him in his office in Queens.  I had taken my, then, 6 year old daughter and Congressman Weiner took the time to respectfully allow my little girl to conduct an interview, much like the one she had just seen.  He then gave her a signed document attesting to the fact that she had visited his office.  She was very proud and I was impressed.

I may have been naïve but he didn't have to do anything more than shake her hand with a phony smile and politician's pat on the back.

He wasn't like that.  He was sincere and I appreciated that.

Not as a proud father but as a voter (albeit not his...) and an American.

What we don't have enough of in modern politics is authenticity and a genuine concern for the needs of the matter how small.

So Anthony Weiner preened and sent questionable Tweets.

So what.  Who hasn't?  Entire show business careers have been built on far less...or more, dependent upon your perspective.  I have two words for you...

"Kim Kardashian"

Need I say more...?