Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sex is a word. This post, which is not about sex, is an experiment.  This post has nothing to do with sex.  It is only an effort for me to see how many pageviews I'll get by having the word "sex" in the title.

Sex is fun.  I like sex.  A lot of my friends like sex.  Sex is a gender and I have one.  I am of the male sex.  That is my sex.  The male sex.

That's all I want to say about sex at this moment.

Except to reiterate the title of this post, which is "SEX!"

Once Again, With Feeling!

Ok, friends, I know we've been here before but I just have to give another stab at the topic...

...of Mitt Romney's lack of qualifications to be president.

This time I'd like to harp on the current thinking...that he's a bully.

I don't think we needed the latest revelation, that he assaulted a classmate in prep school, to convince us of his selfishness.

Willard is the son of a rich man who was given everything, educated in private schools, avoided the draft by assuming a missionary position in France, married a blond "trophy", had five sons who avoided the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by helping their father "get elected" (don't get me started here...!), and made millions by buying companies and throwing thousands of people out in the street.

I went to prep school at the same time that Willard did.  I was even in France at the same time he was and I didn't go to Viet Nam because I was lucky enough to have a deferment, not because my father was rich, which he decidedly wasn't, but because I was legitimately in school.

I knew kids like Mitt Romney.  Spoiled, wealthy and, above all, arrogant.  They had everything so what did they care.  It didn't matter to them if they got caught doing something wrong.  One call to Daddy and the incident went away.  Money always talks and privileged children always walk.  Always.

They were the kids with the latest of everything and the fanciest clothes.  They had the summer homes and the ski chalets and the sports cars for graduation.

They went to Yale or Harvard as legacies, never because they had the slightest amount of intelligence or ability to equal that of their fathers or grandfathers.  It was only because of their ancestors that they gained admittance.  They partied their way through prep school and then perfected the art of fooling around when they got to college.

And then they went into Daddy's business and, when they got tired of doing nothing for big money at a big desk in a big office with a big salary and a secretary with big breasts, they decided to get into politics...often the other "family business."

Still no qualifications.  Just a bigger job with bigger power.

Mitt Romney is just another in a long line of little boys who "want to be president."

He bullied his way through school and business and now is bullying his way through politics possibly all the way to The White House...ironically referred to as "The Bully Pulpit."

Romney is hateful man.  Not so much because he is a spolied brat but because he stands with nothing and for nothing.  He is an empty vessel sailing along on the hopes of the Republicans who have nominated many just like him for years and years. 

They just hope we will forget the facts of the recent past and overlook the disastrous potential of the future that they propose.  They just want to preserve their status as the 1% at The Club.

Obama may be a disappointment but he is one thing that Romney will never be.

He is a man of substance and consequence.  But you can't accuse Willard of being a phony.

He's the genuine article.  He's a 100%, dyed-in-the-wool, thoroughly complete, total, aristocratic blue-blood.

And to think that Willard spent time in France.  We all know what happened to their aristocrats throughout history. 

Cake anyone...? 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I was driving the other day and saw a CH sticker on a car in front of me.  My passenger wondered what it meant and I said, "Switzerland."


"Yes.  Confoederatio Helvetica."

Full disclosure:  I had to look up exactly what the CH stood for but I knew it was Switzerland. I didn't really say "Confoederatio Helvetica."  That would have been pompous...

But I think it's cool anyway.

A Latin name for a wonderful country.  Like the way diplomas (diplomae...?) are written.  "Ensis..."


We should resurrect Latin.

Where's Dan Quayle when we need him...?

Or, as they say, "Latine loqui coactus sum..."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Watch This Hand...

Sorry...but I have to weigh in here.

Obama has declared his position on Gay Marriage.

He's for it.

Fine. Glad he is.  Me too.  "Ain't nobody bidniss but ma own..."

But he has handed the, otherwise weakend, GOP their issue for '12.

Just like Bush One's flag issue, and so many other election year distractions, now the Republicans have Gay Marriage as a weapon against Obama.

Don't get me wrong here. Gay Marriage is an important social issue.  Just like Abortion and Health Care, it's a critical part of the conversation and one that should be talked about.  A resolution is possible despite all of the frothing going on in some far right circles.

But maybe it's not as important, right this very moment, as, say, jobs and war and energy and global warming. And let's not forget the European Debt Crisis.

But Gay Marriage it is.  From now to November we're going to be talking, fighting and maybe even dying about it rather than engaging in a real dialogue about the other pressing issues of our time.
And all the while being distracted from remembering who is ultimately responsible for the mess we're in (The Republicans...lest you forgot)

Thanks Barry.  One more reason to be disillusioned.  One more chance for Mitt to get the keys to the House.

(Cue Mendelssohn...)

Silence is Golden

Dear Readers...

I'm sorry for my recent silence. 

I'm just so depressed at the state of affairs that I can't summon up the energy to complain/opine.

The thought that Mitt Romney could, realistically, be the next president keeps me up at night.  At last checking, Obama and Romney were tied in the polls.  Unbelievable.  If he wins we will deserve what we get for being so alseep and amnesiac...

On a bright note...it has been raining incessantly.  Good for the garden but after a while and the pleasure of the coziness wears off...it just contributes to the pervasive sadness. Ugh!!

But Sarko is history and we enter The Hollande Days...

One can only hope...