Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Issue?

Scott McInnis.

Name ring a bell?


Me neither.

I read an article about the allegation that he lifted the writings of a State Supreme Court judge in Colorado and was paid a lot of money for the piece he wrote which included the, allegedly, plagiarized passages. Actually he's admitted doing it so maybe it ain't allegedly...just playin' safe there...know whadda mean?

The only other problem here is that he is running for Governor of Colorado as a Republican (coulda been a Dem...not the issue here.)

He is quoted as saying, "Voters don't really care about this issue."


That'a fair.

The voters, in fact, don't seem to care about honor and integrity any more. Maybe they never did. Maybe all we care about is what's good for us...right now.

The hell with whether or not a given legislator or elected official is telling the truth or is operating honestly and ethically.

What do we care? "I've got mine...screw you!"

Scott McInnis...Republican for Governor. Accused of Plagiarism. Good for Colorado!
Good for the Country!

Have a nice day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Exactly Boring, but Close

Ok, I watched the World Cup.

I was torn between rooting for Spain, which is a country I deeply love and The Netherlands, which is a country I deeply love.

In other words, I didn't care who won, as most Americans probably felt.

It wasn't The U.S. or even my truly beloved was two other countries playing in a stadium light years away.

And it didn't help watching people in scarves, coats and hats while I was sitting in airconditioning with heat and humidity just outside the window.

I had trouble relating. Even though I played as a kid (Halfback and then Goalie...sorry "Keeper") the game is just not that interesting.

It's exciting when a shot is made on goal or players collide but aside from that...

But it is certainly wonderful to watch these men play. They are running almost all of the time and their ability to handle the ball is remarkable. And they are gentlemen.

They play with a sense of dignity. There is no trash-talking, no strutting.

It's just the game. Who's the better player...not who's the better person. And who cares if you have three houses and four girlfriends and tatoos and a "grille.?"

Can you play...yes or no? Are you any good?


Sportsmen playing the world's game.

Boring yes. Uplifting...also yes.

We need more of that.

And less of the other.

Much less.



Thursday, July 8, 2010


LeBron James...

Oh...he's the basketball player.

He makes a gazillion dollars throwing a ball through a net.

He is tall.

He is young.

People are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq (and Darfur and Holyoke)

Goldman is still in business.

BP is "fixing" the oil spill.

Sarah Palin is...

Glenn Beck is also...along with Rush Limbaugh.

Unemployment is very high.

Expectations are very low.

Except for the LeBron James heavyweight decision...the mother of all decisions.

"Should I stay or should I go, now?"

It has been proven that when times are hard, economically, the people go to the movies.

In a multiplex near you:

"The LeBron James Story...or...How to Succeed at Basketball Without Really Trying"

Please pass the Wheaties...or the cat food...whichever is closer. Wouldn't want to put you out...

...or out of sight, out of mind...

You choose.