Saturday, July 14, 2012

Business as Usual

And now come revelations that Willard may have lied.

NO!  Say it ain't so!  NOT WILLARD!

Not the squeaky clean, Ken Doll, Mr. Perfect.

What part of "He's not a good choice for the presidency" don't you understand?

Willard Romney is the son of a rich man who lives, and has lived, a life of luxury and irresponsiblity (for his actions...) for his entire experience.

He went to private schools, avoided the draft and has made his money the old fashioned way...on the backs of the average Working Joe.  And I don't mean that abomination, "Joe The Plumber", trotted out by Grandpa and Ditzy in the last campaign.

I mean the real McCoy, the genuine article.  Men and women who get up each morning, kiss their spouse and kids goodbye and march off to build roads and houses and teach our children and fight our fires and police our communities.

Willard made his money by buying and selling companies and throwing people out of work.  Never mind the idea that the companies he pillaged were failing and that he, allegedly, created jobs in the process. 

Those companies were just pieces on a game board to be moved around in order to make a buck.  They didn't represent real people with real hopes and dreams.

His decisions ruined real lives and created havoc in the families of the real people who lost their ability to earn a living, provide for their loved ones, find purpose and contribute, meaningfully, to society.

And it is those real people Willard seems so hopelessly out of sync with. He wants to lead a country of real people while he, possibly, avoids taxes by taking advantage of loopholes and off shore accounts and lives a life incomprehensible to 98% of the American people.

Most people don't have millions of dollars.  Most people don't have several homes.  Most people don't quit a good job to work for "no compensation." Most people don't bully weaker kids at prep school. Most people's children serve this country by joing the military and PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE, not by joining a political campaign designed to get their father elected president! Most people are not as privileged as Willard.

Most people work hard and understand the consequences of their choices.

Willard doesn't seem to.  He seems to be used to getting what he wants, when he wants it and in the manner in which he has always been accustomed.

"A tarnished sliver spoon leaves a very bad taste in the mouth."  Wise words from a wise man from a time of honor and integrity long ago forgotten.

Willard is unfit for the presidency.  He would be better off working for the Olympic Committee again.

Maybe this time he could help with wardrobe.  Working for the Chinese...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Question Mark and the Mitterians

What in God's name is wrong with Willard? 

Can anyone explain to me how a man who is running for the presidency can act the way he does?

We can stipulate that Mittie is a rich man having been born into wealth but having earned his own by being a successful businessman.

But why flaunt it? 

We are experiencing a horrible recession with some economists suggesting that we may be about to go into a second phase, a so-called, "Double-Dip."

Millions are out of work and the unemployment rate has stagnated at 8.2 percent.  People are losing their homes and state and local governements are struggling to provide services.  Congress is flirting with legislation that will further cut the programs that many Americans depend upon for their daily well being.

And The Mittigator seems to be, as they say, "tone deaf", to the plight of the ordinary citizens he wants to lead.

Now, to be "fair and balanced", Romney may have some good ideas lurking in the recesses of his mind but how can we trust he will implement sound policies that will help ALL of us if we can't feel that he understands, and can relate to, us.

I am not a rich man, by any measure, so I can't relate to thoroughbred horses or summer homes or million dollar paydays.  I am grateful to have a job and to be able to make my expenses (barely...) and spend time with my wonderful family.

If I can't relate to Willard, then how can he relate to me?  He has NEVER suffered.  He doesn't suffer now.

He hob nobs with his peers all of whom are as rich, if not richer than he is.  You don't see him standing in line at Walmart to buy toilet paper at a discount.  Not in a million years.

If he would only demonstrate an understanding of the situation we ordinary Americans find ourselves in, then maybe I would be able to listen to his words.

But all I hear is the jibberish of the master condescending to the servants in his employ.

Off shore accounts and outsourcing of jobs.  Takeover artist throwing thousands out of work on behalf of profits for the already wealthy.

And the Republicans accuse Obama of fostering class warfare?  They sure have balls, I'll give 'em that.

You bet it's class warfare.  But it's not Obama who is waging it.  Irony of ironies, it's perpetuated by the ruling 1% in order to preserve the status quo.

And Mitt Romney is their poster boy. 

If you can't see that then you deserve what you will get in November if he's elected.

"Let them eat cake..."

Sound familiar...?