Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"I'm As Mad As Hell..."

The thing about being pissed off is that it feels really good.

Yelling and screaming releases something...lets some air out of the balloon.

And boy, are we pissed off.

At the politicians and the "fat cats" on Wall Street.

The politicians continue to play politics and pander to the special interests.
The rich just keep on taking and don't seem to give a hoot about anyone but themselves.

Now, the politicians will tell you that they have the best interest of the country in mind and that concern is what drives them to take this or that stand on this or that issue.

The rich will tell you that they have a right to the wealth that they have amassed and that anyone can get there if they "really try."

BS to both. Greed ain't good, no matter what. No one begrudges a guy the harvest of his toil. We just get angry when he didn't toil but got it the old fashioned way...he stole it.

And the politicians don't give a good g-d damn about the country. They care about their own future and the concerns of their benefactors.

If the rich cared they'd stop complaining about the possibility of an expiration of the Bush tax cuts. They'd be happy and privileged to help support this great country of ours which, incidentally, gave them the freedom to succeed (and to steal, mind you...)

If the politicians cared about the country, as a whole, they would do the right (and difficult...) thing and enact legislation that actually helped people and nurtured the economy and the middle class. How about roads that are well maintained, schools that teach and a system that provides affordable health care? How about those for starters?

And the wealthy could, rightly, take credit for the improvements. No one would mind naming a few bridges or libraries after them. "The Greenwich, Connecticut Public Library of Sioux Falls. The Beverly Hills Senior High School of Lubbock. The Grosse Point International Airport of Ocala."

No one would mind.

But until the rich get a conscience and the politicians get a pair...we'll be doomed.

"Hargraves...please bring me my robe...I'm done here."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Point A to Point B

Ok...now what I want to know is this:

If the Republicans and the Tea Party were to prevail in the midterms and then in '12 the concept of small government would go into overdrive. Right...?

And speaking of driving...how do you expect to get from Point A to Point B without highways? Gated communities would obviously have their own roads, nicely paved and landscaped, but the minute you drive your Mercedes out of that gate you are on a public, presumably, dirt road.

Now what? Big tires with huge tread on your Mini? A four wheel drive Smart Car?
Are you kidding?

And who will land your private plane as it arrives at Teterboro? A private flight contoller? Trained and inspected by whom?

And insofar as inspection is concerned...who will inspect the pate at the trattoria you frequent on Rodeo Drive? Who will make sure it's okay to eat? But that probably wouldn't be a problem as your private doctor will be able to pump your stomach much better than the local ER will.

Who will teach your kids...oh, sorry, forgot...they are all at Sidwell Friend's.

Give me a break. You whine about taxes but who pays for everything? We all do, or should...and we should be glad to do it...we have 911 and EMTS and cops (sorry about that too...you have your own security forces...Blackwater of Palm Beach)and the Interstate and the USDA and the EPA and the military...let's not forget our "troops" about whom you are always singing praise...don't you care that they are guarding our safety and freedom (I don't think we can stop a nuke, even with an AK-47...which, of course you only have for hunting...)?

I guess not if you live on a tax free private island in the Carribean. But you should care about NOAA and the Hurricane prediction folks.

If they don't warn you, you might be washed out to sea without your Evian water to keep you going.

So, go ahead and diminish government. Elect the lunatics who want to cut taxes and abolish the Department of Education, Medicare and Social Security.

Vive La Republique!...or as Don McLean once said, "Bye Bye Miss American Pie..."

Thursday, September 9, 2010



Could the U.S. Government invoke The Patriot Act and detain Pastor Terry "Tragical" Jones for questioning with the logic that the planned Koran burning on September 11, under the auspices of his church and in defense of Christianity, could/would endanger American lives? Is there a difference between his action and that of a cell of alleged terrorists planning an action against the U.S.?

Or is it a distinction without a difference...?