Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tom Friedman...My Hero!

Friedman's column in today's Times is right on the mark, as usual.

We are devoid, in this society, of heroic leaders.

I've written about this before but it bears reiterating.

We are "led" by self-absorbed peacocks concerned with only one thing...themselves.

From Mitt Romney to Sarah Palin to Jeff Greene to Carly Fiorina it seems that all these, so-called, leaders and wannabe leaders want is to be glorified and fawned over.

What happened to the great heroes of the past? What happened to the likes of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt (Franklin) and, yes, Jimmy Carter?

They all seem to be consigned to the dust of history.

Instead we have John Boehner and George W. Bush and....Rush, Glenn and Sean.

We only, really, have ourselves to blame, when we elevate idiocy over intellect. We can thank our own moronic behaviors when we think about the devolution of the country and the havoc we have wrought worldwide.

We may wake up...soon...or too late...and we will (may) see what we have done.

We worship intolerance, stupity and a land and at a time that is full of possibilities and populated by folks that could actually "get it done" if they could tear themselves away from American Idol and Oprah long enough to put in the effort.

Too bad...coulda been great...coulda been terrific.

Good bye...!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Forgive me..and help me if you can, dear reader...but I find myself in somewhat of a moral dilemma...


We read that thousands of people have been affected by the floods in that country.

We read of the misery that Pakistanis are suffering through.

We read that the U.S. is about to send millions in aid money, in part, to bolster our sagging image there, but also to help.

Part of me hears about the tragedy and wants to help. I feel sorry for the people who are going through this ordeal. I feel a rush of humanitarianism.

Yet, on the other hand...I am thinking, "you're getting your just desserts." After all it is you who are helping to foment unrest by colluding with the Taliban...the very Taliban who conducted a stone-age ritual stoning bringing about the deaths of two people.

It is you who are helping to confuse the War in Afghanistan and, by so doing, causing the death of American soldiers and the suffering of their families.

Disaster in Pakistan...we rush to help.

Pakistan is the enemy...we hope for losses.

Which way to turn?

I really don't know...

Friday, August 13, 2010


Looks like KGO in San Francisco, the ABC affiliate (and Spencer's station) will be airing "Behind The Seeds with Spencer Christian" in the very near future. As they say, "stay tuned...!"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Primary Scream

Today is Primary Day.

And the question is...what is the primary motivation of most, if not all, of our political leaders?

These folks claim to care about the "issues" and the constituents they hope to represent.

But what seems to be increasingly more apparent is that they care only about their own egos, wallets and legacies.

I challenge them as follows:

Since the majority of the people who live in your district probably have an annual yearly income that is much less then yours and their net worth is probably much less then yours why don't you spend a couple of weeks being the husband (or wife) of one of the families in your district? Live as these people do. Get up early, get the kids off to school, go to a boring job, worry about balancing a family budget, comparison shop at the grocery store, redeem coupons and cans, drive the kids around, make dinner or clean up afterwards, read to your kids or play catch, listen to your spouse complain, justifiably, when you're too tired for sex and be up late with vapid TV shows while you fret about how you'll make the mortgage payment and health premium.

You do that and you'll have my vote. Republican, Democrat, Tea Partier. Whoever...

Because then I'll know you know what it's really like. Otherwise you're just another pontificating windbag millionaire full of disdain sitting on the other side of the gate...until, of course, the gate is crashed by the unhappy hordes completely misunderstood and neglected by the ruling political, clueless class.

What was it that Marie Antoinette was reported to have said...?

Gluten this...!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Two words...



That's it.

Nothing more...