Friday, October 4, 2013

Quandary, Part I

Here's my dilemma...

The Tea Party makes me want to, in the words of my wonderful wife, "hurl."

Yet I understand their raison d'etre. 

They contend, and their argument is not without merit, that the government is broken and needs to be replaced with either nothing or, at a minimum, less of what we have.

Given that Congress' approval rating is at about 10% it would seem that the rest of the country agrees.

But it is their methods, spokespeople and style that makes us all want to smash the TV when they're on.

They all seem like raving idiots, devoid of common sense and any inkling of empathy.

But the harsh truth is that our government IS broken and doesn't seem like it will be fixed anytime soon.

We are "led" my the Festooned Ignorami.

John Boehner?  Harry Reid?  Nancy Pelosi?  Eric Cantor?


There isn't one single member of Congress worth a damn.  The possible exceptions of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders aside, the men and women in Washington, from The President all the way through both houses, are so hell bent on re-election and scoring political points that they have completely forgotten for whom they work.

We...the friggin' PEOPLE!

They work for their corporate puppetmasters and/or their own egos and couldn't care less about the concerns and needs of average Americans.

The Public be damned...full speed ahead! much as I despise, and have no respect for, the likes of Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul and Michele Bachmann I take their fundamental point.

We are in trouble and the status quo isn't getting the job done.

"...from all enemies foreign...and domestic."

Read's in there. 

"It ain't over 'til it's over" a wise man once said.

I'm just not sure we can Berra too much more...

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