Friday, August 14, 2009

What the...?

What is the first rule of business...?

Make a profit.

So why are we surprised about the health care "debate?"

The insurance companies, the hospitals, the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies all have one thing in make a profit. Oh and add in the funeral parlors and the cemetaries.

None of the above would exist if we were healthy...except the funeral parlors and the cemetaries of course.

So why the hubbub...?

Are we that stupid as a population? Do we not see the truth even when it hits us in the face?


Not health care. Not choice of doctors or hospitals. Not choice of drugs.

A twist on James Carville's famous line...."It's the MONEY stupid...!"

And forget about the philosophical conversation about right vs. privilege.

It is not about cogent arguments postulated in an environment of sane discourse among equal yet opposing intellects.

It's about profit.

Deep Throat: "Follow the Money..."

Folk Song: "When will we ever learn...when will we ever learn...?"

Big Pharma and Big Hospital and Big Doctor care about one thing...maximizing profit...and as very good businessmen (women...?) they are kicking our collective asses...

Everything about health care costs a small fortune from aspirin to office visits to therapies of all kind. And that's how the business infrastructure likes it. That's profit...that's capitalism...that's free enterprise. That's The American Way (cue Coulter, Hannity and Limberger.)

Forget about treatments that actually work or preventive care or non-pharmaceutical remedies.

That's all voodoo...not sanctioned by the FDA or the Surgeon General. Never mind that it's all worked for hundreds if not thousands of years with more that half of the world's population.
(we love Chinese food...can't do without a late night egg roll..but Chinese medicine? VOODOO!!
"I'll have the voo doo pork with extra pancakes please...)


There you go.

It's about if you didn't know that.

Oh and about guns...don't forget the 2nd Amendment...

That does dovetail though doesn't it?

After all where do you go (unless you're in the Mafia) when you get shot?

To a doctor at a hospital where they put you on drugs. But not your own marijuana for the pain...


Never that...

Marijuana is addicting...unlike...say...VICODIN!!!!!

And as I like to say...

Have a nice day.

Friday, August 7, 2009


The meaning of the name Sonia is "wisdom."

Sonia Sotomayor is poised to be the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court.

Her name means "wisdom."

Just exactly right for the highest court in the land.

And she's a woman to boot. Good for us as a country and a culture.

And it's about time that the men in government have an opportunity to let those who have been underrepresented have a voice.

It is amazing how the pontificators in and out of Congress have attempted to malign Sotomayor.
Maybe she's not perfect and maybe she has said some things she might not have and maybe some of her judicial decisions can be argued with.

But for the past 100 billion years or so white men have run things and have done a fairly poor job of it. War, pollution, genocide, slavery, name it and the white men are probably responsible for most of it (I know, Aileen Wuornos and Queen Mary I...and Leona Helmsley and Glenn Close's character in "Fatal Attraction"...)

But, really, the boys are afraid that the little brown girl will take away their toys and make them clean up their rooms.

Just grow up fellas. She'll be fine. She'll be cool. She'll, maybe, turn a few things around in this country that may, in the long run, save the Republic and your fat asses...too much Conservative shenanigans and the natives might become restless (remember the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution and the American Revolution and the former USSR and Lech Walesa and Romania and...I guess not...) and chain you all to an oar.

But then crew is the sport of the privileged class so the bullies in Washington might be at home...